By all accounts this first annual Awakening Festival surpassed its goals to improve lives and strengthen communities.

Wow, we did it! I knew we had achieved our goals when I looked around the room and felt the energy radiating from all the participants. When I looked out into the mareketplace and felt the vibe of the music and watched the kids running about squealing and laughing, I knew we had achieved what we had set out to do…to create an unforgettable experience full of love, wisdom, creative expression and joy to unite and inspire a community toward positive transformation and purpose.

Thanks too all those who made the day possible…and there were so many!

I think the greatest satisfaction came from watching the evolution of those who were reluctant to come, but who decided to check things out none the less. When I saw their reactions of awe and the new understanding in their eyes, I felt we had done something important!

Some Key Results – Everyone’s Gifts Shone!

  • 500 participants
  • Over $2500 raised for Westwood Bridge to Burundi project
  • Over $600 raised for Grannies Aid for Africa
  • 14 Acclaimed speakers
  • 21 Community organizations collaborating
  • 45 Exhibitors selling hundreds of green, wellness and fair-trade products and services
  • 15 performers of all ages took to the stages inside the conference centre and outside in the marketplace and even in the woods (Sounds of Nature)
  • Dozens of kids learning yoga, creative expression, empowerment, community leadership and communing with nature
  • Over 40 volunteers donated their time and energy
  • Word of mouth referrals through thousands of blog, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Follows, Likes, Shares and Tweets
  • Awareness created through thousands of media impressions across dozens of online and offline media outlets

This is what the people had to say about the Festival…

“It was, in at least a decade of retrospection, one of the most amazing events in terms of tenor, aim and ambiance that I’ve attended.” Speaker, Paul Tukey

“How wonderful was that? The ambiance could be seen and felt all day! You did a marvellous job!!”

“Your team did a WoW job….from the moment I walked into that wonderful calming space that was created in the Community Centre to Paul Tukey’s talk to the sight of that fabulous remarkable original priestess June Irwin to yoga in the open air with Heleen, I felt you had created something with legs.”

“I must say that I have never experienced something as unique as The Awakening Festival. I did not expect to find such a dynamic and all-inclusive experience as this…the combination of young local talent and established teachers of awareness (the speakers), grass-roots movements for saving the planet combined with political leaders who have fostered change, and finally the opportunity to learn new methods for growth while my children do too…..I have found this festival to be a great personal milestone: a positive path has been traced for me to teach my children self-esteem,and for me to re-establish myself as a free-er human being.”

“Kudos to all!!  I felt like I had been invited into an intimate community gathering and felt very privileged for being there…all the way from Ottawa!!”

“That was an exceptional undertaking that most people could not dream of bringing to fruition. Bravo!”

“I had a wonder-filled day…and all of life was there supporting with perfect weather!”

“WOW, I’m still trying to regroup from all the energy yesterday, awesome festival, congratulations to you and your team.”

“I truly enjoyed the full day – it was so informative and inspiring. I met so many wonderful people…a job well done by all.”

“Thank you so much for such an amazing weekend.  We just loved it.” Speaker, Ted Carter

“A fabulous Awakening Festival!  I enjoyed the entire experience and met some wonderful people.”

“What a great group of kids! It is amazing to witness the lightbulbs going on as each one voiced the unlimited potential within!”

“WOW !!!!!  It was really impressive. It was #1. You guys are pros.”

“I really enjoyed the Awakening Festival. Congratulations!”

“The community center looked beautiful. The ideas for the children’s program looked great.”

“I thought the Awakening Festival was FIRST CLASS.”

“Thankyou for the wonderful day in Hudson on Saturday. We enjoyed it so much.  I learnt alot, laughed alot and enjoyed alot!”

“Congratulations on a wonderful festival.  I was a little groggy from the driving to Ottawa and then Hudson, but I got right into the spirit of things when I heard the wonderful singer open the event.”

“I wanted to personally thank you for undertaking the Awakening Festival.  It was wonderfully executed!!”

“I really liked the feel and ambience around the festival and all the positive comments I heard while walking around.”

“Excellent speakers.  I especially liked hearing from the man on a mission from Maine who wants to outlaw pesticides in the US, the 16 year old student and the Stephen the former monk.  All the speakers added something special though. The afternoon events were a change of pace and I’m so glad I had an hour of yoga before my drive back.”