2011 Festival Team

First Festival Team

The concept for the Awakening Festival and Designing Transformation, started with Lianne Bridges’s own awakening process four years ago when she lost her husband to cancer. His passing sparked an unquenchable desire to explore her own path of meaning, spirituality and purpose.

In life it’s often those times of deep pain, loss and feeling most vulnerable in which we are faced with a profound choice. Do we shut down and sink into depression? Or, do we embrace the pain, grief and loss, feeling it fully and with self-awareness, thereby beginning the process of healing?

Carol Bates met Lianne during her most challenging journey, together with a small circle of friends. A deep life long friendship and bond was forged out of flames of grief and loss, a mutual love and sense of caring for Lianne and her boys was birthed.

This amazing circle of friends bonded, gathering together to be there for them. Meeting on a weekly basis these loving, compassionate and supportive women created space for healing, restoring, and visioning—each person in their own way exploring deeper more meaningful facets of “awakening” in their own lives.

Lianne soon realized that the fastest way for her spirit to heal was to direct her own gifts, expertise and passions into her own community in a positive way. Ghandi’s mantra “Be the change you want to see in the world” became a beacon of light through many a dark night.

Working together in partnership with Debbie Must, the vision for the first Awakening Festival was born.  And to their delight, they found within this circle of friends a treasure trove of talents that included: artists, musicians, writers, activists, social entrepreneur, all willing to support the vision:  To Create an unforgettable experience full of love, wisdom, creative expression and joy to unite and inspire our community and others toward positive transformation. The first Awakening Festival was a great success!

Carol had previously been producing a lecture and workshop series called Earth Dialogue which ran for 3 years in Montreal, and with great excitement joined the team for the first festival. And when Lianne asked Carol to partner with her for the 2014 event, she said YES.

Together, it is their intention to collaborate with health care professionals, educators, authors and life coaches to produce a day of dynamic inspirational workshops that will inspire, motivate and nourish your mind, body and soul!

Come join us, spring forward into your sense of passion, purpose and vision for LIFE!