April 7th, 2014
Lianne Bridges, Festival Founder
Awakening Festival

For Immediate Release:

Lianne Bridges (DesigningTransformation.com) and Carol Bates hosted the 2nd Awakening Festival held on Saturday, April 5th. It was held at the St. James Hall in Hudson, Quebec to inspire and support individuals to live their best lives.

Throughout the day, love and positive energy could be felt by all who attended the sold out event. From the inspirational flags hung on the walls to the candles and rugs welcoming people to sit comfortably on the floor, all offered a rich environment from which peace and harmony flowed. Live music (Kathleen Bolton and Carrie Katz), dance and movement (Tiffany Moffatt), native drumming (Caitlyn Palmer), presentations and over 20 exhibitors left individuals feeling moved and inspired to make positive shifts in their lives.

“I can’t even express how wonderful the event was. The speakers were phenomenal; they all brought tears to everyone eyes. Every part of the day flowed beautifully into the next. I walked out of the event with such a feeling of elation,” Barbara Martin, participant.

Eleanor Caruana, Anglican minister, started the day off by sharing her personal journey of answering her Calling. Sharon Cohen, naturopath, led an energetic discussiod encouraging participants to live “Thier Most Juicy Life”. Lianne Bridges, event founder, openly told her story of how deep loss let her on path of magical transformation toward heart-centred living. Brigitte McKinnon, owner of the Pure Art Foundation, moved the audience with her living example of what she calls “Compassion – Passion in Action”. Joanna McDonald, food medium, led a live food demonstration combining it with spontaneous intuitive readings of audience members, helping to show the connection between our thoughts, emotions and physical healing. Betty Healey, life coach, rounded out the day with a lively discussion about how to quiet our “self-critique” and engage our “self-coach”.

The event also raised over $1700 for Grannies Aid for Africa and a raffle raised an addition $200 for the Pure Art Foundation.

To learn about future Awakening events, contact Lianne Bridges at (514) 825-0732. For more information about the Awakening Festival, visit AwakeningFestival.org.