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Sharon Cohen
Sharon CohenCultivating Your Juicy Self

3 Keys to transforming your Life through Self Care…Because You’re Worth it!

If you are feeling pulled in many directions, uninspired, depleted and finding it difficult to live your most passionate dreams, then this workshop may just be what lights your fire. In this lively and uplifting seminar you’ll discover how to implement boundaries, ask for the support you need and start paying attention to your negative self-talk so you can unleash your true gifts, connect with your passion and increase your self-worth because you’re worth it!

Sharon will help you make the connection between your health issues and the choices that keep you feeling empty and depleted. She will guide you to create an action plan that will radically transform your physical, emotional and spiritual health so you can add more life-giving pleasure to your life right now! 

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Lianne Bridges (Festival Founder)
Lianne Bridges (Festival Founder)Planting the Seeds of Abundance, Purpose & Joy
Would you like to do work that is fulfilling and helps you earn a living? Not ready to retire, but rather would like to ‘re-fire’? Discover the place where your passions meet your purpose, where your skills and gifts combine to deliver you prosperity, ease and flow in your life.

Lianne will guide you in discovering your unique Zen Spot…the place where you plant the seeds for creating the life you desire.

  • Define a clear vision to help you chart where you would like to go over the next few years and beyond
  • Define the role of your work within your life and the values that are most important to you
  • Create your own personal “Mission Statement”
  • Use these tools to start moving into new and exciting places in your life

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Joanna McDonald
Joanna McDonaldNourishing Yourself - Mind, Body & Spirit

Input = Output – What Are You Feeding Yourself?

  • How can you be creative when you don’t feel good?
  • Everything is energy; what do you wish to become?  What are feeding yourself to create it?
  • Let us plant beautiful, healthy seeds that will blossom into creativity; ingest love through thoughts, people & food
  • Live food demonstration of healthy drinks and snacks
  • Interactive participation with attendees

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Betty Healey
Betty HealeyHarvesting Your Diamond

Harvest Your Diamond invites you to appreciate the gifts and talents you were born with. This workshop focuses on:

  • The power of Self-Acknowledgment – the Highest Form of Gratitude
  • The importance of living from the best of who you are
  • The energy of ‘I AM’ – being your strengths, gifts and talents and the energy field this creates
  • Taking action: Influencing your world through Being
  • A 21 day ‘I AM’ Practice.

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Kathleen Bolton
Kathleen BoltonSinger, Performer

The path to a fulfilled life has been, for Kathleen, a musical one. Her career has led her to stages overseas, to the U.S., and here in Montreal in such venues as Theatre Gesu, The Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, and the once-named Forum. A versatile performer, she has starred in musical theater productions, toured western Canada with a rock band, fronted Montreal’s top private event orchestras, and performed operatic arias on concert stages.

Inspired by her daughter and with the unfailing support of her husband, Kathleen moves into the next stage of her career this year, recording a CD that includes her many musical loves: operatic arias, jazz standards and other inspiring melodies.  

Carrie Katz
Carrie KatzSinger, Performer, Coach

Carrie Katz is a singer songwriter who is socially minded, a feminist and a die-hard romantic. Her songs are of love, longing, misadventures, poetic taffy and political Sadukos. Hailing from Montreal, she is a seasoned performer and has played her sing-alongable alternative folk-rock across Canada, the US and Europe. She is also a Certified Life, Creativity and Career coach working with Creative Professionals.

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Tiffany Moffatt
Tiffany MoffattFitness Writer & Trainer

Certified as a Can-Fit-Pro Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer and Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Tiffany Moffatt is a fitness leader, who has worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years as an instructor, presenter and writer. An active fitness, yoga and Pilates instructor, Tiffany seeks to share her passion for healthy living with others and inspire them to achieve their personal best.

Tiffany is a regular contributor to Healthy Living Magazine, a magazine featuring articles about fitness, nutrition, stress relief, and active aging. Her blog features entries about nutrition, fitness, life balance, self-esteem and more!

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Caitlin Palmer
Caitlin PalmerGroup Facilitator, Ceremony & Talking Circles

Caitlin is a youth worker with a focus on wellness; spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. She loves to create sacred tools, to sing, and share teachings and experiences about the wonderful gifts that the Creator has provided us with for communication, wellness and our healing journeys. She recently moved back to Quebec from British Columbia, where she lived and worked as a front line child, youth and family worker in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.