Enter the Sun

Sunday 3/12 @ 3:15pm

A community band of music ministers gratefully healing and liberating by sharing the message of Unity & Freedom

“It’s a new earth and heaven is here, my brothers and sisters everywhere. All are welcome, all are accepted, no one can be turned away! It’s a new earth, our vision is clear, and all our colors bleed as one. See perfection and beauty in the rich and in the poor, for no one is guilty and no one is left behind. Forgiveness in our hearts, shall set us free!” Excerpts from “Children of Love”, by Enter The Sun.

Enter The Sun is a community band of music ministers servant-guided by Joel Jadus, based in St Petersburg, FL. Enter The Sun has been gratefully healing and liberating by sharing the message of Unity&Freedom through uplifting New Earth music for over 10 years locally and at various music festivals and community gatherings.

The way this music has come through over the past several years is as follows: it has been channeled from the crystal core heart of Mother Earth — in musical light activation codes, along with the message: “this music is from us and for us” … “this is the music to end all war”. Following the messages and guidance in ETS lyrics which essentially outline what has been shown to me as “the way of compassionate autonomy”, is a true way to achieve happiness in the human life, here on earth. The purpose is to help us move forward as a collective, to achieve lasting happiness, peace, balance and harmony. i.e. to realize Unity&Freedom in Heaven on Earth.  I am living proof and I am alive by God’s grace to help all others to experience true, lasting happiness in life!

This music comes in various ways and is fundamentally shown to me as sonic light codes of Unity&Freedom that have been awakened throughout the process of my past lives and the 49 years of this current life, and especially now during this time around – from my starting conscious mind-body practices relatively early at age 22, and serving this St Pete conscious community with various forms of mind-body practices, sound healing and medicine music for the last 15 years.

This music and the messages in the lyrics have truly saved me from myself. They have saved my life, allowed me to become happy, experience heaven on earth and I truthfully don’t need anything! However, as long as God keeps my heart beating, I am here to communicate the happiness- and the best way I see fit for now is through ETS music!

Although this music has primarily arrived “through me”— it is not “from me” at all- it is from allll of us, and for allll of us.  This said- it has been my primary duty to “get out of the way” of the messages and allow them to remain as pure as possible- and to process and organize it and to listen to it and repeat it and to learn from it, and to live and embody it.  It is all for the betterment of all: for individual and collective happiness, peace, balance, harmony, Unity&Freedom, here in heaven on earth!!!

Present & Past Servant Guides: Matthew Kurtyka (guitar), Kaylee Davis(vocals), Mike Annaian (drums), Brody Jadus (drums), Wesley Jadus (drums), Don Cooper (drums), Amanda Perkins (violin), Liat Paradise (Flute)

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